Substation Cyber Resilience Platform

Substation Cyber Resilience Platform
Providing cyber resilience to our energy grids is vital to securing our digitalized societies. Our platform does just that and our team has the experience and professional maturity needed to deliver in such a complex industry. It collects all the information needed by an Incident Response Team, while building an up-to-date asset inventory and an accurate topology of your Substation Network.
  • Make OT Cyber Security practical
  • Reduce Downtime after a Security Incident
  • Streamline Recovery Efforts


Security teams must address the expansion of the attack surface from industrial networks caused by remote workforces and interconnection of OT industrial network with IT network. The challenges that subSIEM solves are:

Benefits for using subSIEM

SOC Integration

Identify, enable and collect all security data in a uniform format easy to query by security analysts and incident responders.

Asset Inventory

By monitoring network communication, we identify active assets and using industrial protocols we query them for asset information.

Disaster Recovery

Our deployment enables backup of all Industrial Control Systems devices and is designed to help Business Continuity efforts.

Reduce Incident Response Times

By proving tailored, easy to read alerts, we bridge the communication gap between Incident Responders and Process Operators.

Risk Management

We generate a risk picture for the substation and each asset individually based on an up-to-date network architecture, and asset information

Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Tracks compliance according to Industry Security controls.


subSIEM was developed by an interdisciplinary team of Cyber Security experts, Automations engineers, IT specialists, DevOps, with extensive experience in Industrial Environments.

Battle proven background in:

Infrastructure assessments
OT Infrastructure Overview (Asset identification; Network security diagram; Risk identification and Security testing)
Security program implementation planning (Transformation Plan, Set key milestones).
The new era of convergence of both IT/OT networks demands for new measures of protection against external threats, we rely on our experience to provide technical solutions for both sides of IT/OT networks from network segmentation, infrastructure visibility and management to equipment replacement and process review.
Operation control hardening
Process mapping
Device firmware and application code patching
Security Process Consolidation
Network Infrastructure Management (visibility & enforcement)
Back-up & Recovery planing and testing
Technical audits
Code review (low-level)
Test device firmware and application (web hard client)
Awareness & Training
On- and Off-site knowledge exchange programs
Conduct attack simulations


Industrial cybersecurity crafted for every level of your infrastructure. We’re here to answer all of your questions, or lines of code. Get in touch.